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About Us

ESL Prep helps facilitate learning and preparation for English language learners. We accomplish this by offering an online platform and courses for ESL students. The online content is rich in features and learning technology. Lessons include “gamified” exercises making the learning fun and memorable for students.

With ESL Prep, the world is your classroom! Our innovative approach combines expert instructional material with the power of a scalable platform to give students the confidence they need to succeed.

Feedback from Graders

Students that complete the simulated Practice Test for the TOEFL iBT or IELTS will receive feedback and analysis for human graders. Our graders are trained and have direct experience working with ESL organizations and ESL students. 

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The Test Simulator gives students an accurate picture of what they will encounter when they sit for their language proficiency exams. Through the Test Simulator, students receive personalized feedback on their speaking and writing responses and essays; improving their preparation in each section of the exam. The test simulator is designed to simulate the test-taking experience of real ESL exams, including the IELTS, TOEFL iBT and TOEIC exams.

The purpose of this course is to help non-native English speakers learn the strategies and skills that will enable them to get the TOEFL® (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score required by their university, college, agency, or company.

This program is divided into 5 main components (Overview, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing) and is made up of test-taking strategy or skill lessons and practice tests. Each section of the program contains interactive exercises and activities designed to help students prepare for the exam while also keeping the student engaged with the curriculum.

This program will help students learn general strategies, features, tips, and tricks to successfully pass the IELTS exam. The interactive exercises and intensive practice will significantly improve a student’s reading, listening, speaking, and writing scores. Throughout the online preparation course, there are simulated practice tests, as well as educational tools that teach students about idioms, synonyms, and how to recognize the variety of questions types that students experience on the IELTS. 

English has become the international language of business. This program is designed to help students communicate ideas effectively using English in business situations. Throughout the course, students learn culture, vocabulary, idioms, grammar, and business communication skills that they can use to express their thoughts clearly and confidently to other English speakers.

Individual lessons and review quizzes are meant to fit within 15-30 minutes blocks, allowing business people to study on their lunch breaks or other periods of free time.


Improve your English by collaborating with others. Practice English with other ESL speakers.

Introducing ESL Prep as a Complete Test Prep and Language Learning System.


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