English has become the international language of business. This program is designed to help students communicate ideas effectively using English in business situations. The Business English program helps students improve their English grammar and use of idioms, expand their business vocabulary, understand cultural norms, and develop business communication skills that they can use to express their thoughts clearly and confidently to other English speakers.

Each module is built around a business communication skill, such as giving and receiving feedback, making small talk, pitching ideas, or running a meeting. The full list of business communication skills is shown in the course outline. Activities to help students improve specific language skills are included in order to support the specific business communication skill taught in each lesson. The most common activity components found throughout the lessons are:

  • Listening (business scenarios that feature native English speakers using the communication skill the lesson focuses on)
  • Vocabulary
  • Idioms
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Culture

Strategies for improving all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are taught, but an emphasis is given to listening and speaking. As Western culture plays an important role in English communication, culture points are also given throughout the course.


Improve your English by collaborating with others. Practice English with other ESL speakers.

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