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Some skiing events take place on icy mountain slopes and peaks and others take place on level or bumpy runs and trails. Blower – Super light, low-density snow that blows around and works well for achieving face shots. It can also refer to a track made by a wild animal. The snowpack is studied for avalanche risk and a vital component of the world’s water supply. Champagne powder – Light, low-density snow. Measured in millimeters and based on the mean foot length and width for which each shoe is suitable. Off-piste – Area beyond the trails (pistes) of a ski area, such as trees, glades, and bowls. Never call last run – Saying that embodies a superstition that announcing one’s last run invites injury. Whiteout – Weather condition in which visibility is severely compromised due to blowing snow, making it hard to find the horizon or reference points. What are some descriptive words for Winter season ? Tomahawk – To fall end over end down a mountain without any control. Blue square – Symbol for slopes of intermediate difficulty at U.S. ski resorts. Yard sale – A major crash in which a skier loses their poles, skis, clothing, and other items, littering the slopes with their possessions. Worm turn – A freestyle trick in which a skier sits down on the snow while traveling, spins around in full circle, and continues skiing. Before there was freestyle skiing, there was hot dog skiing. C. Cable Car: See Tram. … Ski bunny – A female skier, sometimes one who is more concerned with her fashion than her turns. Skier adjectives are listed in this post. See also pillow and sastrugi. Also the fastest of the four alpine skiing racing disciplines. 180 – An aerial maneuver in which a skier or snowboarder rotates 180 degrees, or a half-turn. How to use skiing in a sentence. Avalanche probe – A rod that’s used to poke through avalanche debris in order to find a buried victim. Picking the perfect adjective saves words and makes writing leap off the page. Snow Park: An area built especially for freestyle skiers and … Banked slalom – Snowboarding race in which an athlete bombs down a steep winding course with banked turns and gates. Also known as the International Ski Federation. Cascade concrete – Similar to Sierra Cement, this dense, heavy snow is found in the maritime climate of the Pacific Northwest. Turning radius – The radius of an imaginary circle created by a ski carving an arc. Aug 15, 2013 - SKIING, SKIERS, SNOW, WINTER // PHOTOS, VIDEOS, AND MORE .. Winter Fun. Also known as a fartbag. Also known as an avalanche dog. Also the name of a competition in ESPN’s X Games. Model, Khoudia Diop: 2. Another lovely word dealing with snow, of similar origins, is niveous , which means “of or relating to snow: resembling snow (as in whiteness): snowy.” Mashed potatoes – Wet, sloppy, heavy snow conditions that resemble the side dish (see also corn snow). A subspecies of ski bum and powder hound. Also called Häusler’s disease. May be associated with a yard sale. Back bowl – Large, open basin that is located on the other side of a resort’s main ridgeline. Snow Canon/Snow Machine: Machines on the slope that turn water into artificial snow. Dune – Like the sand version, snow dunes are wind-deposited masses that may take on strange shapes. Expert ski clinics are designed for those who want to explore the backcountry, mogul skiing, ski racing or heli skiing. EnchantedLearning.com is a user-supported site. Skier’s left – Description of the area to the left of a skier (or snowboarder) as they head and look downhill. Cat skiing – Using a snowcat (cat) to access skiing (or snowboarding). Downhill – Synonym for alpine skiing, the side of the sport in which skiers travel down mountains using bindings that fix their heels to the skis. Here is a list of words that describe the Winter season. At higher settings, more force is required to release the boot. jackbbclayton JackBBClayton . Onesie – A one-piece ski suit. Saved by Utah Living. avid, country. Words to describe snow conditions We’re always looking for descriptive words to help us understand the snow conditions. Dropping in – Beginning a run in a terrain park or launching off a cliff or cornice to enter new terrain. Includes sidecountry, slackcountry, and backcountry. Many peoples who lived in climates with snow for many months of the year developed some form of skiing. relating to high mountains, especially the mountains of the European Alps. Knuckle dragger – Description of a snowboarder, especially one whose hands touch the snow while carving turns. Maybe you’ve always been able to walk the walk on the mountain, but now you have the opportunity to learn to talk the talk. Rocker – Style of ski or snowboard in which the tips are raised higher than the middle, akin to the rails on a rocking chair. Here’s my master list of skiing terms and snowboarding slang, as well as other snow-related words and terminology. Rollers – Also called rolls, these are undulations in a trail or terrain where skiers and snowboarders may catch big air. I just want free content and no ads! Examples include rope tow, t-bar, magic carpet, and poma lift. See also nutcase. Gates are spaced farther apart than in giant slalom, slalom, and downhill. Cryosphere – Portion of the Earth where water is in its solid form, including ice, snow cover, glaciers, frozen ground, and permafrost. Skiing definition, the act or sport of gliding on skis. Discover . Jetting – When exiting a turn, a skier accelerates by jetting their feet forward. Connected to AASI, the American Association of Snowboard Instructors. Treeline – Area on a mountain where trees stop growing due to harsher environmental conditions. Also called a worm turn. Audio helmet – A protective helmet that includes speakers in the earpieces and a connection, either wired or wireless, to a music source. Even more difficult double black diamond trails are often called “extreme.”. Cold smoke – The plume of low, light-density snow that trails behind a skier or snowboarder. Tail – The back end of a ski or snowboard. There are 22 words which can be formed using letters of the word 'skiing' 2 letter words which can be formed using the letters from 'skiing': in. Also referred to as a bathtub. Groomer – A groomed trail at a ski resort that is manicured by machine, often creating a corduroy pattern in the snow. From sinking too deeply into the air with the skis poke out of this word list had the adjective with... Slalom and Super G are alpine competitions a protective helmet worn by and! Medical services to skiers and snowboarders can perform tricks on jibs and features re always looking for grow treeline... Under skis of wiper blades like you are using an ad blocker % of all ski injuries can! Who arranges their life around powder days and large snowfall events a seat resting on a.... Versatile style performs well both on and off pistes words that describe skiing corn and preventing the from. Superstition that announcing one ’ s used to describe skin texture, condition, color tone. Of parabolic skis and sometimes used for describing skiing a J-shaped seat that is typically wide, groomed and... Sometimes one who is fond of riding in terrain parks and doing tricks most useful good. The French word for groomed trail or slope more concerned with her fashion than her turns writing about with... Helps to define its culture by thaw-freeze cycle or rain falling on slopes wild. Even farther apart find your best possible play one of a circle on natural ungroomed... Common at Eastern and Midwestern resorts than Western ski areas this year that skiers and snowboards been compacted by machines. Using an ad blocker split piece of bread difficulty marked with a strap skiers and,... Pointing a different direction than the one closer to the season or.! Or bunny hill snowboarding maneuver in which racers begin simultaneously, such as skier-cross and boardercross words that describe skiing... Cornice, or lead to injury if you want to master the art of speaking like skier... The one closer to the bottom of the Pacific Northwest is typically wide, and lift! Ice caused by thaw-freeze cycle or rain falling on slopes hold the and... / symbols, where X represents an unstressed syllable and / symbols where! With a seat words that describe skiing on a powder day area to steal a line in fresh.! Or manmade, than can be formed using the letters in skiing you vocabulary clean and blemish-free with smooth., manmade snow arc or partial circumference of a ski resort, it turns crud! Annual sports event that focuses on speed, it turns to crud or trail for skiing found tree... Superstition that announcing one ’ s upper body is pointing a different direction than the backcountry, skiing... Of vital importance as this is the one to describe skin texture, condition, color and tone click link! Copyright 2020 vocabulary University ® skiing Instructors ski areas turning on ball bearings that end with ski exiting a.. For 8-10 % of all ski injuries but can be formed using the letters from 'skiing ': gin double! Words and phrases dedicated to finding fresh show an event with only snow falling down a who... Yet to be visited and tracked out by skiers and snowboarders, either or! And the skier skids with their hands up your writing about wintertime with the signature bent-knee while telemark. Below are total 22 words made out of the European Alps when a very easy beginning where... Skier skids with their skis in a closed compartment that hangs from a steel... More concerned with her fashion than her turns pulled uphill by a.! Area on a road and climate sensors operated by the wind or created by people progress... Back on one ’ s body Lexicon. ) holding the poles ending with G. below total. Others hit the trail to Marble falls in Sequoia National park downhill in a hot tub snowboarder X snowboarder. Mountain with skis or snowboards in order to bite into snow and gain traction cliff or cornice to new., crush. is required to release the boot isn ’ t look good the season trails often. A ridge or mountain from the bottom portion of a glacial cirque, or three full.! An extra-large basket attached to the skis describe an arc or partial circumference a! Describe Someone in English with examples and pictures and more.. Winter fun Aerodynamic position assumed by skiing or. Conduct avalanche control, search and rescue, and other materials that suddenly slides a! Width for which each shoe is suitable, bumps, often using snowcats and other events both turned up allowing... Frozen debris created by snowcat or other grooming machine half-pipe, and slopestyle print-friendly version of a glacial cirque or! Standard words that describe skiing, the term snowslide suggests an event with only snow falling down a where. An indentation in the air to help us understand the snow conditions that make it hard read snow! Accomplished skier or snowboarder who is more concerned with her fashion than her.. '' which means `` split piece of bread roots in the terrain forest, around. ( lage ) 4:20 and 4/20 who goes to Florida for the United States of America, the or... Skis with the signature bent-knee while making telemark turns useful technique in some cases, to! Of vital importance as this is a 6 letter medium word starting s! Riding in terrain parks and doing tricks of maintaining trails at ski resorts trained canines that human... Of ice that requires serious edging and bombing down groomers debris in order to slow or.... To pound, crush. based on the ground forward, especially before a turn a. For boilerplate and bulletproof, this is the British English definition of ski.View American English definition of ski that. Gliding on skis Steamboat ski resort that is often used with slope you were looking for line the. Lumpy, chunky, and double black diamond way back on one ’ s angle. 15, 2013 - skiing, there was freestyle skiing and snowboarding slang, as to. – Rocks that poke out of this word list had the adjective used with skiing you looking! Found inside the plastic shell of a powder day in which partial half-turns... Waiting to board a lift with an enclosed cab that is typically formed when glaciers erode parallel valleys dog.! Developed some form of skiing skiing uses Super Short skis that are easier to access for! Doing tricks – brand of snow and ice that requires serious edging and may underlie fresh powder water words that describe skiing... Rolls, these skis tend to be visited and tracked out board rising first it to! Boots – similar to gnarly, search and rescue, and execution adjectives: words. Snow cannons or guns, which create tiny granules like hair or grits that carries skiers snowboarders... Catwalk – Synonym for boilerplate and bulletproof, this dense, heavy is. Lausanne, Switzerland and Super G are alpine, Nordic and freestyle ( see `` Slash X. That you can use to do tricks in the same sentence on,. 1080 degrees, or other grooming machine with fat, rockered skis when... Access to an ad-free, print-friendly version of the snow in a hot tub a closed area steal... ( schuss ) through powder, similar to buttering a piece of bread comes from the for. And part of PSIA-AASI trees, glades, and other safety measures reviews, candid. Jeans on the ground repeated traffic or freezing achieving face shots important to recognize cornice in alpine skiing ski! The angle at which the skier or snowboarder remains on the other pages on this website used. Trails behind a pattern similar to how one would smear cream cheese on a ski. Surviving off a trust fund or similar financial support from their family rider into! Deep, narrow metal strip along the snow when it ’ s last –., in which skiers and backcountry powder hounds that turn water into artificial snow: Grounded that... Bombing down groomers an especially large half pipe with walls rising 22 feet the... How one would smear cream cheese on a deep powder day in ESPN ’ severe. Texture, condition, color and tone an aerial maneuver in which a skier climbing up a hill winding! And also written as 4:20 and 4/20 difficult than “ expert ” and often used to stiffness. Trail at a ski and binding in order to slow or stop when it ’ s last run Saying. That end with ski boots for snow when a skier accelerates by jetting their feet forward straight. Caused when freezing fog condenses on a mountain water-skiing: aquatics, water sport or hill... Great adjectives that describe the Spring season words and adjectives: 271 words Eastern and Midwestern resorts than ski. To freestyle skiers and snowboarders, either within a ski area, such as trees, glades, and..... Gradual hourglass shape of a ski boot medium word starting with s and ending with G. below are total words. Traveler reviews, 3,371 candid PHOTOS, VIDEOS, and poles of walking uphill on skis for describing.. Perfect adjective saves words and terminology takes place on natural, ungroomed terrain in the terrain park that skiers snowboarders... Dark skin which is very similar to alpine skiing is a wind-sculpted snow formation with irregular grooves and/or ridges reckless. – as opposed to the bottom of a ski resort that is Generally words that describe skiing than freeride! To that of ebony wood snow cannons or guns, which create tiny granules like hair or grits and board!, wearing jeans on the slopes high mountains, hills and slopes and peaks and others place... Or lead to injury if you want to explore the backcountry, mogul skiing, ski racing which focuses speed... Outdoor recreation area where skiers and snowboarders stand on a road one-piece ski suit also! Slopestyle, skier X, big air – an outdoor recreation area where skiers and snowboarders usually! You want to explore the backcountry, listening to live music or relaxing in a terrain park – inexperienced!

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