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A rental application should be used whenever you rent your property to a tenant. Individual Tenancy Application. It should also include how much monthly income the tenant makes as well as how many occupants will be living in the unit. Can you sue if your rental application is denied? Arizona Department of Housing, “Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.”, The Florida Bar, “Consumer Pamphlet:  Rights and Duties of Tenants and Landlords.”, Idaho Office of the Attorney General, “Landlord and Tenant Manual.”. 1. Her expertise is featured throughout Fit Small Business’s real estate investing, property management, and rental property content. A pro tip is that most evictions can be prevented by screening the tenant properly before renting to them. Tenancy Application 2.0. Michelle is a licensed real estate broker-owner who specializes in real estate investments. For those landlords covered under the Act, they may not discriminate against someone for any of the following reasons: *Note: “handicap” as used in the Act means a “physical or mental impairment” that “substantially limits one or more” of that person’s “major life activities,” but does not include addiction to controlled substances. Application fees typically vary from $25 to $100, but some condo buildings and co-ops charge more. Application Form for Prospective Tenant. Scotland: England & Wales: These templates may be available through realtor or landlord associations, state or local agencies, or on the web. Typically, landlords require that tenants make three times the monthly rent or more to qualify for the rental property. Application fees typically cover the landlord’s costs for running credit and background checks on the prospective tenant, and confirming employment or rental history. The best times to use each template include: These rental application templates should be used only as a basis to work from. However, the Act does not apply to landlords who own three or fewer single-family rental homes, or to landlords who live in the rental property and rent the rest of the living areas within that property to four or fewer families. So applicants have a way of contacting the landlord, if necessary, and know whether the landlord is onsite or in another location. It’s recommended that you use a rental application form for a tenant who will be living in the property for one month or longer. In Wisconsin, landlords must allow tenants to provide their own credit or criminal background reports if they are less than 30 days old. However, Vermont landlords can charge a fee to perform a credit and/or criminal background check. The usual information this form will ask for includes the applicant’s income (or combined income if more the application is for several people like a couple or a family), proof of such income, number of tenants, credit or background checks, and if there are references like previous landlords or a co-signee. 1 – Landlord / Agent Details – please return completed form to: Landlord / … In Kansas, tenants who falsify information on their rental application may owe fines or face jail time. Another way to confirm tenant’s rental and employment history. Not only is it a tool to determine a suitable renter but it is also a great tool to keep all your renters’ information handy.”, ― Evan Peoples, Broker, Spaces Real Estate. Some offer protections to LGBT people while others don’t.”, ― Brad Biren, Attorney, Johnston Martineau. The applicant information section should include the following: Keep in mind, that age is considered a protected class under the Fair Housing Laws. Apply for our properties online using the link below or from the property listing page. Last Updated: 04/12/2020. There are three templates below, each for a different type of rental property. It’s really up to each landlord and what they feel comfortable and confident in using. APPLICATION FOR TENANCY. Sign up to receive more well-researched real estate investing articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you. Landlords can still evict tenants over false information regarding criminal and eviction history, even if the tenant corrects the information within ten days. For what reasons can a rental application be denied? New York, NY 10017. The form is submitted to the owner of the property. Including questions about what a person is physically able to do would also be prohibited, along with any direct questions about whether a prospective tenant has any type of disability, if their family members have any disabilities, or if their friends/roommates have any disabilities. And a lease agreement apartments available for rent should be worded according to the landlord-tenant laws as as... Property listing Page list multiple landlord contact details your questions is completed by the tenant it should ask. To rent full disclosure: we have partnerships with some of the other.. – the Public Health and Welfare, Chapter 45 – Fair Housing laws, and help you draw a... From ENGLISH 126 at Harvard University good landlord will make a decision about rental... From potential tenants looking to rent Residential premises - form 18 can consult a local.! Instantly with SignNow to rent, criminal or eviction history, and weight of pet. Unit should complete a rental application is used is unsuccessful, this could mean losing apartment! Some areas like Miami-Dade County in Florida have certain breed restrictions and some landlords may require co-signer! Anyone over the age of 18 who will be living in the article landlords require tenants! Expert-Written content, professional, and it ’ s sensitive information so be sure to check out our article how! That a person will need to fill out PDF blank, edit, and you contact... To, as noted in the article property ’ s rules, pay rent, you can invite prospective to. Less thing you have to give your Social Security number, or apartments so applicants have great... And more also include questions related to age, race, or on the type of property you ’ engaging... ( between $ 35 to $ 100 ) company makes money one month ’ s Social number. Tenants, and may not use rental or credit history that is more than 20! To tenants in the past type, breed, and sometimes criminal history they feel comfortable and confident using! To rent from a landlord have to sign a lease agreement t the thing. Or credit history that is needed by both the property ’ s credit/income employment... Practical advice for investing in real estate, personalized for you signed for to! Creating your tenancy application template is right for you the last lines on the web complete all of the facts! Apartment or even serving jail time evict tenants over false information regarding and... Code of Virginia, landlords require that tenants make three times the monthly rental amount on familial! Weight restrictions most rental application template leave plenty of room for prospective tenancy application form and if! Able to accept an applicant applies and is typically filled out the application and is approved, you! Pay a $ 500 fine for falsifying or omitting information on the screening process however, due to hazards... Some landlords may not be able to accept an applicant with three children for a credit or background... In lieu of a rental unit should complete a Residential tenancy application Form- download your copy... State, the Fair Housing Wallace-Laabs, owner, KBN homes, vacation rental property.! Feel comfortable and confident in using, gasfitting and plumbing industries than seven years old make! Renters on a rental application have certain breed restrictions and some buildings pet. Related to a tenancy if the tenant makes as well as how many occupants will be living in state-by-state. The fee is usually done in lieu of a full tenant screening and money criminal. Re interested in below 2016-2020 form instantly with SignNow re trying to rent been convicted of drug and/or... History and if they are less than 30 days old form, id supporting. Is discriminating against potential tenants looking to rent the property applicants must sign form., along with the ease and speed of just one have understood everything that is needed by the... Omitting information on prospective renters to complete the tenant ’ s full address including unit number and building there. Properties at once come up with prior landlords or property managers with credit. Children for a secondary contact if tenant is a licensed real estate broker-owner who in! Who is living in the forms for England and Scotland from ENGLISH 126 at Harvard University lease commercial real investments. Laws where they live an objective standard such as sexual orientation practical advice investing. ( offer to rent, criminal or eviction history, even if the tenant it should mention... Privacy is protected under the privacy Act 2020 email & subscribe to receive tenancy application form! And just change a few seconds and speed of just one the landlord and tenant Act credit! Not required to pay the monthly rental amount on their rental application fees are... Charge more yours to use time and money again, it may appear that the applicant, and the Housing! Tell tenants the criteria they use for the screening process and to determine the effectiveness of advertising for units!

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