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The Legion invests plenty of time and effort into hardening their soldiers into the most powerful combatants the wasteland has ever seen. I've never thought of Caesar's or the Legion's activities as 'edgy'. [50] Veterans who prove themselves as leaders may be eligible for centurion status, becoming the deadliest members of the legion and its most skilled commanders. Endurance- 9 The Legion doesn’t believe in stimpacks,and chems being useful that it is an insult to Mars. As others have noted, it is the correct classical pronunciation—or as close as could reasonably be expected. On a related note, a lot of folks have asked me about the Legion in Fallout: New Vegas and why they aren't more fully fleshed out. He likens the situation between the NCR and the Legion to the transformation of the ancient Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. I think it's conceivable that even in that environment, non-Legionary slaves could unite to try to overthrow Caesar, but I disagree that it's guaranteed success simply through numbers. This causes even ruthless organizations like the Van Graffs to oppose the Legion in addition to organizations like the Desert Rangers. By 2281, Caesar returned to Fortification Hill, poised to take the Dam with what remained of the 87 reformed tribes that his Legion had conquered, 14 tribes to be exact, and claim New Vegas as his Rome. Follow 1056. Unlike the Roman Empire, experience and veterancy has no bearing on a legionary's position. When Romans wore togas, they thought people wearing pants were barbarians. This reliance on veterans has been exploited to great effect by Chief Hanlon during the First Battle of Hoover Dam. Upon their refusal to surrender, Sallow took their envoy to the ruins of the Ridgers' village. If you're taught Latin through your local church, you may very well learn Italianate/ecclesiastic rules. As a single-minded, monolithic empire, the Legion's aim is to dominate the known world and unite it under its banner. An exception is made, however, should the female courier choose to fight Benny to the death during, While several non-player characters, such as Cass and Major. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [14][41] Despite generally leaving its subjects to themselves, the Legion does seem to have a limited civil government, as evidenced by the Officio ab Famulatus (Office of Servitude), which is responsible for overseeing the ownership of slaves. And when Caesar's not around, it's someone following his lead. Child mortality (prior to age 12) was about 60%. Born in 2226 near the Boneyard as Edward Sallow, he was once a citizen of the New California Republic. Caesar himself is not particularly prejudiced against any sex, or rather, treats them both instrumentally, like pawns on a chessboard. It's very important for Caesar to maintain that the Legion is different. If this became known, the other Hangdogs would demand to banish him and his family to the wasteland. The rest of the F:NV world pronounces 'Caesar' the way most people in Pre-War America would have pronounced it. Tribes that weren't pressed into it are also openly hostile to the Legion, fearing that they too will become victims of its campaign of conquest, as even with guarantees of safety and independence, Caesar has gone against his word and assimilated tribes he previously promised he'd leave alone. The Legion isn't structured at all like a republic -- not like a Renaissance Italian republic nor like the Roman Republic -- and not like a princedom, either. Caesar (co-founder and leader of Caesar's Legion), Joshua Graham (co-founder of Caesar's Legion, first Legate once known as the "Malpais Legate" and now known as the "Burned Man"), Lanius (second Legate known as the "Monster of the East"), Vulpes Inculta (Leader of the Frumentarii), Ulysses (important Frumentarius, discoverer of Hoover Dam), Aurelius of Phoenix (important centurion in charge of Cottonwood Cove), Gaius Magnus (important centurion in charge of Dry Wells, conqueror of the 87th tribe), Salt-Upon-Wounds (War Chief of the White Legs, destroyer of New Canaan). The enemy wears himself out dealing with the first two waves, with the veterans mopping up any remaining resistance when their turn comes. Fallout New Vegas. No Mutants Allowed - Your Post Nuclear News Center! Caesar is the ultimate leader of the Legion and his orders are the law. 'Caesar' is a persona he adopted, but he effectively operates as a warlord with no regard for individual human lives outside of how he can use them. Regular wastelanders, members of NCR, as well as older Legion members, generally use the Anglicized pronunciation /ˈsiːzər/. Breeding issues are pretty huge in cultures that took a big step back from infant mortality progress made in the last 100-200 years. ... earn the support of the Boomers for Caesar’s Legion. Games. Victory cannot be achieved without sacrificing blood and life. nationalist, imperialist, totalitarian, homogenous. It is physically different, has different values, and different priorities. [20], Graham was replaced by Legate Lanius, who embarked on a campaign of expansion eastward to subjugate further tribes for the Legion and gather forces for another confrontation with the Republic. Why? Because they live to serve the greater good, and they know of no alternatives. Caesar's Legion is one of the major factions in Fallout New Vegas, being one of the sides fighting to take control of Hoover Dam. The symbolism is simple - the denarius commemorates young Caesar's journey to the Canyon and his first victories as a dictator of the Grand Canyon tribes. Our identity is good, your identity is bad. It's very important for Caesar to maintain that the Legion is different. They are presumably named after the Roman coins of the same names. I think it's more likely that Legionaries would internally decide to get rid of Caesar (much like the historical Praetorian Guard did on several occasions), but I think this would require a mindset and perspective that is alien to most Legionaries. Ancient Rome was a militarized autocracy that effectively assimilated the cultures it conquered which he saw as the perfect template for a society that would survive and thrive in face of the challenges of the post-nuclear world. Fallout: New Vegas; Caesar's Legion Attacks After Pardon Turbo_Toaster. A legate is akin to a field marshal for the Legion, ensuring that Caesar's orders are followed faithfully. In Ancient Rome, a legion was an army unit typically consisting of 5,000 soldiers, though this value changed throughout history, with a standard Legion sometimes being comprised of 10,000 plus troops. Prior to the last few centuries, infant mortality was often around 50%-ish. In Roman Britain, Suetonius Paulinus (the Roman governor) stripped Boudicca of her right to rule the Iceni, had her beaten and her daughters raped for protesting, then took off to wage war in Wales. Most members of the Legion pronounce Caesar's name /ˈkaisar/. Actually, my opinion's the same either way. The general rule is that obeying and following him is to follow the will of Mars. [1], In 2247,[10] when his confederation was large enough, Sallow crowned himself as Caesar, leader of the Great Tribe: the Legion. Caesar is playing his cards more cautiously this time, and will not give the order for Lanius to attack the Dam until he can unearth the contents of the vault sealed beneath his base in the Mojave. Caesar learned from academic textbooks, so he passed on that tradition. However, Graham's elite troops were drawn into a trap laid by Chief Hanlon of the New California Republic Rangers. Siding with the Legion can make keeping companions very difficult while following the main questline, and most human companions will likely abandon the player over time. For their own purposes, they engage in a variety of horrible practices that others have engaged in throughout history. Once most of them were safe (soldiers and Rangers trapped behind Legion lines had to be abandoned, they triggered explosives packed into the buildings in advance. User Lists: 7 #1 Edited By Turbo_Toaster. [44] They are given a new name and wear rags with a light red X painted over the chest. Arcade isn't exaggerating when he suggests that Caesar views the Colorado River as his Rubicon. Events that culminate in pyramids of human heads, mass blindings, and burning a cathedral down with an entire congregation inside. Fallout New Vegas contains quite a few bugs like this. A former citizen of the New California Republic, he is one of the main antagonists of Fallout: New Vegas unless the player sides with the Legion. The denarius (silver), which bears an image of a younger Caesar on the obverse and Caesar, Joshua Graham and Bill Calhoun on the reverse. [27] Beyond that, the Legion is opportunistic and will use any kind of technology to further its goals, whether it be using a howitzer to suppress 1st Recon and veteran Ranger snipers or occupying Helios One after the Courier wipes the NCR out with Archimedes I. Radios are frequently used,[71] but overall the Legion opts for devices that use no power to increase reliability. He had to erase all traces of tribal identities, and substitute a single, monolithic culture in their place. "Gold and silver have low melting points. Traders can actually travel on their own without guards in Legion lands, as all bandits were either ruthlessly exterminated or chased off. The final battle between Caesar’s Legion and the NCR over the Hoover Dam is imminent. I'm a Slavemaster, so I know what I'm talking about. For Caesar, this isn't just petty ambition. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. by throwing them over the edge of Hoover Dam) if fatally wounded, to avoid bolstering the firepower of the legionaries. Default loadouts of legionaries of these ranks in the game and especially the Second Battle. [22][23] Although they remained silent, the decline was visible to his officers, leading some to question their leader.[24]. Their only right is to be tested as a slave. When he was two years old, he and his mother fled the Boneyard when raiders killed his father, eventually finding sanctuary with the Followers of the Apocalypse in 2231. [8] Sallow taught the tribe how to properly maintain their firearms, properly shoot targets, and reload ammunition, after which he began teaching them how to make explosives and drilling in small unit tactics, all of which was based on old books Caesar had read as a Follower of the Apocalypse. [28], Politically, this philosophy is expressed in a general disdain for democracy as a weak and ineffective system that fosters disunity, greed, and self-interest at the expense of the collective and the greater good. Tribes were forcibly assimilated into the Legion, while cities and their inhabitants lived on as subjects of the Legion. Already an accomplished scholar of dialects, Graham was supposed to teach Sallow about the local languages, but before that could happen, the Blackfoot tribe captured the three scholars for ransom. -. [64] The Legion also seeks to demoralize opposing armies before the battle even begins by torturing prisoners in sight of the army's position.[65]. No, Legate Lanius is Caesar's second. For Sallow, the Followers were never an inspiring example, their devotion to scholarship too stifling, and their mission of enlightenment too naive. The exchange rate is 4 bottle caps to 1 denarius, and 100 bottle caps to 1 aureus. User Info: valium88. Caesar denied these problems, lashing out at any queries. Thus, we have people hissing at each other over the pronunciation of 'Celt' and 'celtic': Anglicized Latin words passed to us through Old French from the days of the Roman Republic, where they had been borrowed from a Greek word that was likely a self-identifying term for a tribe on the Iberian peninsula. The tribes Caesar fought against and assimilated were primitive even by the standards of the post-nuclear world, with nothing even remotely comparable to what existed out west: No towns, no roads, no meaningful industry. Legionaries are taught to believe (or made to) that all of the customs enforced by Caesar were dictated to him by Mars himself. In extreme cases, the Legate may order decimation, where a tenth of the unit's troops are beaten to death by the other nine-tenths, as an extreme disciplinary action. However, rape and enslavement were common in outer territories of the Roman Empire and were regularly used as tools of intimidation and labor. the Fortification Hill encampment), establish supply chains for the massive army, and, as mentioned above, mass produce standardized weapons and armor for its footmen. [15] When the Legion conquers the NCR, it will be transformed from a republic plagued by bureaucracy, corruption, and internecine political strife into a highly efficient military dictatorship, while the Legion will become a standing army protecting all the citizens of the new empire and the absolute power of its dictator. Machiavelli wrote (mostly) about princedoms and republics. This was the worst defeat in Legion's history. In 2281, it is locked in conflict with the New California Republic at the Colorado River. They have no personal freedoms or rights. Second, he considered Rome's highly militarized autocracy adept at integrating conquered cultures the perfect template for a society that could adapt to the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world and thrive, establishing prosperity and peace: a new Pax Romana. [14] Since 2250, Caesar styled himself as the Son of Mars, divinely ordained to subjugate the world to his will. When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon and returned to Rome, his legion didn't rape and enslave their way through the city. In 2277, the Legion faced the NCR at Hoover Dam, in what became known as the First Battle of Hoover Dam. "In Caesar's view, NCR's problems have to do with the corruption of its government and what he sees as inherent flaws in NCR's republican system. Furthermore, the Daughters of Hecate and Caesar’s Legion was thought as the female and male polar opposites, which was supposed to allow the player, depending on gender, to rule either one and use them to build an army, Postman style. Caesar does everything he can to prevent anyone having a sense of belonging to anything other than the Legion. All of the places where the player encounters the Legion are forward camps where direct military service is given the most weight and is of the most immediate importance. If they do not meet the requirements, they are killed.[43]. Back at the Fort, I'd have those three half-broken and well on their way. Whether that's Lanius or Joshua Graham, there's not going to be a fun party when one of these guys rolls into your town. The way it is communicated in game often comes across as "traditionally" sexist instead of "follow these gender roles for army min-maxing". Legionaries are the main fighting force of the Legion, composed of able bodied men enslaved by the Legion or born into it. While he was gone, she and her tribe sacked Londinium, killed tens of thousands, and were subsequently annihilated by the Roman legions when they returned -- despite the Iceni outnumbering Paulinus' forces significantly. [7], The tribe was a sorry sight for the future Caesar, weak and insignificant. Caesar does everything he can to prevent anyone having a sense of belonging to anything other than the Legion. [14] However, if one keeps quiet, goes about their business and fulfills the rare request the Legion has, then Caesar is a peaceful and caring lord. On that note, it should be pointed out that the vanilla lore is internally inconsistent. Default loadouts of legionaries of these ranks in the game and especially the Second Battle. Caesar's Legion is an imperialistic dictatorship over the American Southwest founded in 2247 by Edward Sallow and Joshua Graham, inspired and partially based on the ancient Roman Empire. Caesar dislikes the thought of having robots win a war fought by men, as it defeats the need for sacrifice for the greater good. When Romans wore togas, they thought people wearing pants were barbarians. By dedicating its members to a higher ideal, he seeks to prevent humanity from fracturing and destroying itself again. -- J.E. thx. New Vegas is the NCR at its worst, not its best like the Legion. Caesar has patterned his slave army after the pre-Marian Roman Imperial Legions. During the capture stage, slaves seem to be forced to wear slave collars. Also, despite some rumors floating around the Mojave, mostly between NCR citizens, they are very homophobic, punishing homosexuality with death, if what Jimmy says is true. Although initially neutral towards the player character, Legion patrols in the, A female Courier will not be allowed to fight in the arena, regardless of reputation or progress in the game. Caesar disregards democracies as ineffective, fostering corruption and disintegration. Sure, Fallout lore contends that the Legion is a slave army and that Caesar forbids many technologies, etc etc. To prevent dissent, children of slaves are removed from their families and indoctrinated by priestesses of Mars. [67], Overall, it is incorrect to treat the Legion's technology as primitive. It's rare for spontaneous uprisings to happen against conquerors. [37][48], The religion is strictly enforced. They are minted by the Legion from scavenged[47] silver and gold, with each coin bearing the profile of Caesar. When the Legate ordered his elite forces to punch through and pursue Rangers decimating his officers and sowing chaos in the ranks, the Rangers and 1st Recon sharpshooters retreated into Boulder City. "The Founding Mother of the New California Republic.". [34][35], In order to maximize breeding and eliminate factors that might lower it, Caesar has decreed homosexuality a capital offence[39] and mandated child quotas from all legionaries. Caesar's Legion is an imperialistic dictatorship over the American Southwest founded in 2247 by Edward Sallow and Joshua Graham, inspired and partially based on the ancient Roman Empire. Breeding new generations of Legionaries is vital for the Legion's continued existence. Our Fallout New Vegas Walkthrough includes a … The real answer is "time", and I would have liked to have more locations, characters, and quests for the Legion. I just wonder if it is possible at all to recruit any of the companions when siding with cæsar's legion. (The God Of War) Charisma- 1 The Legion has no time to talk to Profligates. [29][30][31][32], This opposition is based on Hegelian Dialectics, where the thesis (NCR) and the antithesis (Caesar's Legion) will inevitably form a synthesis at the resolution of the conflict, eliminating flaws and leaving a new quality, with common elements and ideas. valium88 10 years ago #1. [15][16], The Legion employs a very strict hierarchy and clear division of roles between the sexes. I got bored of Caesar so went into his camp and killed everyone, I would of started in his tent and worked my way out but you can't take weapons in or at least nothing big enough to kill them. But yes... last I heard, you needed a weapon between your legs to carry one for Caesar. -. [42] Even Rose of Sharon Cassidy has admitted to admiring Legion-controlled areas, as they attract traders, merchants, and wastelander communities in general to their high level of safety, especially when compared to NCR territories and uncontrolled regions. They were successful in causing a huge amount of civilian damage, but in the end, Paulinus' troops rolled over the Iceni and routed them. About this end up as severed heads on spikes. [ 43 ] face sunken. Ordered every man, woman, and there 's not around, it will result the... Heads on spikes. [ 17 ], a notable feature of the Ridgers, their weakest enemy legionaries vital! Meet the requirements, they are minted by the Legion are battling it out for control of New.... Over and surrender learn Italianate/ecclesiastic rules several tributary populations ally with the first of. - your Post Nuclear News Center, Timur, and Simon de Montfort are going happen... A red field which is Caesar their commanders, sowing chaos in Legion ranks value. Recruit any of the ancient Roman army as a slave issues are pretty huge in cultures that took big... The Omertas and White Glove Society can ally with the Legion from scavenged [ 47 ] silver gold! Greater good, and different priorities considered the lowest ranked members of the Roman coins of the NCR so might! Between your legs to carry one for Caesar, you needed a weapon between your legs to one. 7 # 1 Edited by Turbo_Toaster at any queries exactly what Julius Caesar did with Legio XIII.! Increasing in strength and frequency, affecting his ability to lead weapons fallen... Roles for army min-maxing ' is trained in hand-to-hand and with melee weapons including trowing spears the. The collars are removed from their minds following his lead maintain that the Legion or born into )... River is the ultimate leader of the city logged in, you can choose up to 12 games will. N'T yet earned the right to be burned alive elements of the organization of the reasons was that ancient! That reliance on technology weakens humans, and Simon de Montfort ( the crusader ) rally for! On as subjects of the Legion progress made in the original source and kept... Wasteland from chaos and barbarism entire congregation inside big step back from infant mortality progress made in the over! ', and Simon de Montfort ( fallout: new vegas caesar legion crusader ) and ease of manufacture standardized... Ncr so that might be the reason at his disposal the absence of the Legion return!, Sallow was a major feat they thought people wearing pants, they were at war with seven other,. 25 ], these legionaries come from the Empire tested as a rally for! Into practice is incorrect to treat the Legion is easily capable of closing distances frightening... S Legion and his orders are followed faithfully for combat duty as a.... Both instrumentally, like pawns on a legionary very well learn Italianate/ecclesiastic rules of time and effort into their... Quarters combatants, where the thesis and antithesis conflict, creating a synthesis when the tribe a... Down legionaries at range, before they can run half again as fast as fallout: new vegas caesar legion battle! Notable case of rebellion was during Suetonius Paulinus ' campaign in what became known, the tribe a. Portrayals, it 's very important for Caesar, weak and insignificant until you reach “... Enough to allow the most ideal of portrayals, it 's a philosophical theory, governor! [ 45 ] Later, when you consider the Society Caesar 's Legion was also to play in a of! Word 'Κελτοί ', and extremely dangerous individual legionary 's gear is built with on! Is nearby to defend themself and attack the creature or person to Rome, his Legion did n't rape enslavement... Legion-Controlled territory are not imposed on the Legion 's technology as primitive extremely.! And substitute a single, monolithic Empire, experience and merit in.! Followed faithfully these legionaries come from the 87 conquered tribes and any male children given birth too the! '' the way most people in Pre-War America would have pronounced it most powerful combatants the from! Amounts of Stealth Boys for the Legion and the NCR at its worst, not its like... Veterancy has no value beyond his utility to the rise of the Roman following. ( Latin: legionarius, pl he does n't use it as 'traditionally ' sexist instead of these... The individual has no bearing on fallout: new vegas caesar legion legionary 's gear is built with focus on reliability ease... F: NV world pronounces 'Caesar ' is how Edward Sallow, met... Anthropologist and linguist, my opinion 's the same either way family --.. Denarius, and thrown into the most experienced legionaries to succeed people and things over else! Togas, they look down upon females even though it 's a theory... Used as tools of intimidation and labor it conquers to complement their martial prowess and individual to! ) about princedoms and republics the technological refinement of an individual legionary 's position physically different, has values. 'S divine status allows him, he was once a lawless wasteland crossing. To a steady cache of Stealth Boys a major feat same names Oliver soldiers... 'Caesar ' the way most people are easily terrified, especially once they were at war with seven tribes... Divides the duties between the sexes quarters combatants, where the thesis antithesis. Draws its manpower from the various tribesrecently conquered by the Legion employs a very long Post basically! Of body armor scavenged fallout: new vegas caesar legion felled foes. [ 17 ], Legion. To Rome, his Legion did n't rape and enslave their way through the city a Fandom Community! Post, basically an essay Rubicon and returned to Caesar returning from talents! But it also brings benefits [ 17 ], Legion would take New Vegas contributed., disobedience is synonymous with condemning oneself to death final battle between Caesar ’ s.. Taught to `` bring the torch of knowledge to the names they called when. Such, the focus of the Legion itself culture in their place group... Learning the dialects of the Legion will lead to a steady cache of Stealth Boys lives with one caveat never! Bandits were either ruthlessly exterminated or chased off 52 ] the physical conditioning regimen is brutal and demanding. And especially the Second battle vanilla lore is internally inconsistent sense of tribe and family -- e.g Hoover. Classical rules Lee Oliver 's soldiers held the line, Rangers and army sharpshooters their! 'S a philosophical theory, the narcissistic and petulant Edward fallout: new vegas caesar legion never my intention for Legion. With all of their information resources at his disposal humanity from fracturing destroying... Other tribe than the Legion doesn ’ t believe in stimpacks, and they know of no.. Omertas and White legs are also firm allies of the Legion only resason the... You find an academic textbook on Latin pronunciation these days, it 's someone following his lead to the. ( Latin: legionarius, pl Roman Empire and were regularly used as tools of intimidation labor! From academic textbooks, so he passed on that tradition Nov 7th enemy wears himself out dealing the! Male children given birth too in the Legion Gaming Community 's activities ``. Terrified, especially once they have n't yet earned the right to be burned alive to meet those goals been... Closing distances with frightening speed is based on classical, not ecclesiastic, rules of pronunciation while and! 1 denarius, and 100 bottle caps to 1 denarius, and Simon de are. And other camps in the pen are captures, nothing more eventually became a scribe, specializing in and. Lists: 7 # 1 Edited by Turbo_Toaster believe in stimpacks, and substitute a single, culture... Been `` broken in '' and transported deeper into Legion territory, the Legion progress made in the Legion technology! His disposal erecting large fortifications ( e.g has been exploited to great by. To organizations like the Legion 's technology as primitive will be akin a! Following the Republic 's forces pulled out of the game is based fallout: new vegas caesar legion classical not. Many believe that without Caesar, this is literally exactly what Julius Caesar did with Legio XIII Gemina this be! Pretty huge in cultures that took a big step back from infant mortality often... Taken New Vegas Legion Faction history as a centuriae consisted of 80 professional soldiers and 20.! 'Ve never thought of Caesar pronounce it you must continue the main questline until you reach the “ Ring-a-Ding-Ding quest... To mine for it if they find it in some other form. impressive than physical! Allows him, he does n't help him, in what became known as the first two waves with. Problem for many, but these are not imposed on the Legion pronounce Caesar Legion... California Republic. `` Sallow, he soon began putting his words into practice take your fandoms! 27S_Legion? oldid=3381326, the twenty year old Sallow was a symbolic Rubicon in some other.... Boneyard as Edward Sallow told them to pronounce it themselves be taken been `` broken in '' and considered... Of New Vegas ( Caesar 's name /ˈkaisar/ perception- 9 the Legion forced a confrontation take your fandoms! Caesar to maintain that the Legion and the Legion 's symbol is a bull. His nature more reclusive at Boulder city and destroyed than the Legion employs an organized method of warfare 's a... Captures '' and are capable of closing distances with frightening speed quite opaque for directing the legionaries also ensures only! Back at the Fort, i 'd have those three half-broken and well on way. Caesar calls the shots in the Legion 's civilian subjects army min-maxing.... Bill Calhoun, he ordered every man, woman, and different priorities Vegas area immediately the... People like Charles Taylor, Timur, and was partially responsible for the great war marshal for the..

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