pruning fiddle leaf fig

It has one trunk. I don’t love the idea of pruning the tallest branch and that stops it’s growth entirely. If you don’t mind the way your FLF is growing, you don’t have to change anything – as long as it is healthy . If the spots were really bad I would remove the leaves so that the plant isn’t wasting energy on keeping those damaged leaves. However this is the best way to get a FLF to branch. So depending on how long the branch is you want to prune, you could cut it into a few sections to make smaller cuttings if necessary. This energy comes from sunlight & climate. In your case, I would feel the top of the stem. Hey Amanda, it’s possible that what you see is a type of fungus, which is pretty normal for plants when the conditions are right. Hi Bill, yes and yes! I’ve seen every watering to once a month. This is why it’s a good idea to wait until your FLF is at the height you’d like it to start branching from, before pruning. That probably will not promote new growth below that but at least it will eliminate much of the bare stem above that point. Hi Linda, as long as the 2-3ft you want to cut off is no more than around a third of the leaves on the FLF, it should be fine! Thanks for your info. Hey Sarah! There in my big window facing west! . This post on growing to a tree shape might help. Will the top leaves ever grow back in especially with spring right around the corner or should I consider the notching? Even if the top growing bud has been pruned they can always grow from dormant buds when they are ready . Here’s a post that explains how to go about it. You can even propagate the cutting to grow a new plant, this post on three ways to propagate a Fiddle Leaf Fig might help with some tips. Thanks!! I read your writings and i just want to say thanks. You could always try propagating them. Need advice on Fiddle Leaf Fig Pruning? They like to be snug! Im wanting it to be more of a tree shape, not a big bush. I’ve read that these are indication of edema (too much watering). New growth is coming along! So far it’s still standing tall – but with much more growth, it may start to topple! Pruning really depends on how you want your FLF to look and what you want to achieve. FLFs are quite resilient, so if they loose their leaves they can often grow back. Water it until the water comes out the bottom of the pot. Hey Kathleen, you shouldn’t need to cut the bare stalk. It’s still green towards to bottom, but not on the top half. You can also try notching for branching in specific spots too. You could definitely prune some of the smaller stems if you wanted to propagate! SO happy to have found your blog :). Unfortunately, it is growing too big and one branch goes this way and the other branch goes the other way. I was wondering what you meant by “pinching” the top? Unfortunately once snipped, growth won’t continue from that point but it will still grow from nearby dormant buds that get activated from pruning. I don’t want to shock the poor thing too fast. Hello Emily! It’s also common for lower leaves to eventually drop off as the plant matures. I am left with a 6.5′, nearly empty single stalk with two long branches. You may even get multiple branches! I’ve had my fiddle leaf Bush for about 5 years now, and while it’s grown taller, the leaves at the bottom of my bush kept falling off and don’t grow back. Great article. The main factors in your Fiddle Leaf Fig’s growth are light, soil and water. Thanks! Another way to treat them is to do a soil drench: mix 1:4 ratio of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water, and fully drench the soil. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to use baskets (I have a few) however I generally take my plants outside to water, let them drain thoroughly and then put them back in. I’ll keep you posted! I would just remember to keep the cuttings not too long, as smaller cuttings seem to propagate better. Check out the plant forums on Houzz which can help with more specific info, you can even post your own pics and questions to get plant-specific advice. So I really should cut it way back down?? I bought the tree at the beginning of the summer and it was doing beautifully for several months. I have a tree FLF and the branches are long. ? This means your FLF is hanging in there, so that’s good! Now I sit and wait ? Tip pruning – pinch or cut off a few leaves. And I don’t necessarily want it any taller. I wonder how you continue to have a nice thick “tree” form once it is about the size you want? When cut, the fiddle leaf fig plant oozes a white rubbery sap similar to latex that can cause an allergic reaction. Hey Lesha! I just bought a 3ft. If you do trim it, there will most likely be a brownish line where you have cut it anyway. Hey Nadine, so glad the blog has been helpful You could really do either option, depending on how thick your FLF trunk is. They are not drooping down.. they’re still sticking pretty straight up but I’m worried that this might be a sign of something I’m doing wrong? I want a tree also. Hi Jane, springtails generally live in damp places such as potted plants’ soil. by the way its just about 3 feet, Hi there, you can remove the lower leaves to create the tree-like shape, however the lower leaves help the trunk grow strong so it’s best to only remove them once your FLF is at a desired height with a strong trunk. If your FLF’s trunk is weak or leaning because of the lack of leaves, read this post to get it growing strong again! You can wrap some tape or a bandage around the notch if you think the plant needs extra support staying upright. Thanks! I did see new growth after that pruning but still have no signs of new branches. Hi Dylan, if the leaves are growing close together on the stem, then this is actually a good sign that the plant is getting enough light If it’s multiple stems growing close together its also quite normal that the leaves will touch and this is fine too. I have a three branch fiddle leaf just over 1.2 meters high. Hope that helps! It has 5 new leaves from possible branches and I believe a new leave about to come through at the top. Soil: Well-draining soil is best so as to not keep the roots damp. Any suggestions would be great! Hey Anna, I think I answered you on the other page but yes, after doing those things, wait to see if it livens up again! The poor thing experienced root shock, and leaves drooped, immediately after. The rest of the main plant should recover fine and worst case scenario, you will end up with two FLFs. Have fun experimenting and let me know if you need more help! When your Fiddle Leaf Fig is looking too big for the pot it may be time to pot-up (aka move it to a larger pot). See this post for more specific info on what fertilizer is best and how to use them. My Fig tree is growing rapidly and is getting too tall. Would giving fertilizer to give her a boost? This will trick the tree into branching out at this point. If you have recently bought your FLF home, it may take some time to adjust to its new location. Thanks for your first answer, by the way. Hi Chelsea! I was given a tall fiddle fig plant when the neighbours moved but it has most of the leaves on one side as I don’t think it was turned. Hi, the new leaf coming in on my fig leaf tree has some brown around the leaf. Check that its not in a draughty spot, and you could also try using a spray bottle to give it some moisture. So – see if you can move it to a more well-lit position. If you do any pruning or repotting, just make sure you wait until Spring when your FLF hits another growing season! Thanks for the information! This is because of the weight of their giant leaves! However, I let it dry out thoroughly and said a prayer. Should I be concerned? There can also be other reasons why the plant isn’t responding, such as not receiving enough light (and therefore energy) to branch out. With their luscious dark green leaves, they really do become a centrepiece of any room! If it is getting direct sunlight through the window, your FLF might be getting too much sun! Sarah. Thanks! I think you’re right – wait until it dries a bit more and if the brown spots are spreading, try moving it to a lighter spot. Hi Emily!! Hope that helps. I hope that makes sense! Please help. I feed them plant food to. I have tried to cut the tips hoping it will start a new branch from the trunk but it does not. Hi Emilly, please can you help me? So the bottom leaves are fine, then a gap, then top leaves. Repotting Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Because the fiddle leaf fig is a fickle plant, it doesn’t handle changing situations with ease. You can prune these leaves if you choose, but if they are still green and healthy, they’ll be producing energy for the plant and I would preferably leave them be! When you repot, try to remove as much of the old soil as possible from the roots without damaging them. And is there a certain time of year that is better for that, or could I do it anytime? If the brown spots spread once it’s dry, I guess I can try relocating. It has three branches coming out of the main trunk! I’m so sad..please help! The hydrogen peroxide will break down in the soil and won’t harm the plant. If you’re based in the northern hemisphere (end of summer), you could probably get away with pruning it now. It was mostly lower leaves I trimmed off as well. Thanks for the article and great info! However if you’re wanting to encourage newer growth lower down to make it more full, pruning sounds like the way to go , Hi, I was wondering if you knew why my new leaves are coming out soft? Once those leaves start to mature, you can pinch/prune back to the most proximal (closest to the trunk) leaf, and the same back-budding will occur proximal to the leaf you left at the second pruning. Are you embarking on a journey with a new FLF? FLFs naturally produce larger and larger leaves as they grow, so I’m not surprised yours has done this (mine did too)! How many notches can I do at once and should I give it a dose of seaweed tonic (seasol) at time of notching to help with stress??. Hope that helps you! New offshoots from the bottom with leaves. Either way they shouldn’t harm your FLF , Emily, thank you for the good advice! I’d try putting it in a brighter spot and there’s more info in this post about leaning which explains it more too . How do you pick the pot size? If you removed the whole top bud, it will keep growing by new buds further down the stem, and possibly have multiple branches . Thanks so much! All the best. Will it only grow the branch or will it grow on the original stem and the branch?! Hi, When the top growth point is cut off, dormant buds are activated in the plant to keep growing. Start with bright, indirect light but you can always acclimatise your FLF to direct sunlight, which will help it thrive. . It can be a little scary or sad to chop off the height, but it really is a simple process and it’s actually good for plants Let me know if you have any other questions! Hi Bender, Unfortunately they won’t grow back. Hello! So i took them home gave them a shower right away and i trimed them i got them in march. Hi Sheila, you can trim the brown off the leaf however this section of the leaf won’t grow back! These could include not getting enough light, or extreme cold temperatures, or dry air. It is about 18″ tall at this point. Here’s a post on branching that should help! 2nd day in she said a few leaves have fallen. Hi There! Hey Naomie! Any further tips are welcome! Hope that helps! It has a main trunk with 3 branches on top. I am at a loss as to how to shape it at this point. Thanks, Check out my other Fiddle Leaf Fig posts here if you’re after more specific info on fertilizing, pruning, strengthening a leaning trunk and common FLF myths. Leaves only need to be removed if they’re over 50% damaged – otherwise they are definitely worth keeping as they’ll still be working to create energy for the plant & keeping it healthy . It’s winter here (though I am in Queensland so its sub-tropical), should I do it now or wait til spring? Hey Sarah! Hi Emily, Thanks for the post, very helpful. FLFs are tropical plants and are very sensitive to cold. Hi! But its to tall and is starting to lean. But as you are separating the plant, I would say just to aim for a pot that is no bigger than its current one. I’d recommend cutting it back to where there is sap in the branch again . Generally pruning will result in 2 or more branches. This year they have a lot of new growth coming from the base and several taller stalks that are dried out and bare. Just make sure whatever you use to prune has sharp blades to give a clean cut, and as long as you’re not cutting the majority of the plant back, Sven will be fine. As you can imagine, its losing all its lower leaves up about half or more of its height is all bare, leaves went yellow and dropped, I assume due to lack of light (as its only getting light from above)… so my questions are… should I 1. cut the fiddle totally about half way up so two parts.. one part, still in soil with no leaves on it, just a stem (will this grow leaves again??) I was so excited! One way is to nip off the tip / top few leaves of the trunk to encourage new growth. This makes them somewhat challenging for the home grower, who is likely to have trouble duplicating these steamy conditions. It’s very bushy and has been putting off new leaves on almost every stem/trunk. Excellent info! I was so excited when I found it! Make sure the roots don’t dry out when you repot by working quickly and watering in its new pot straight away. Yes – your Fiddle Leaf will keep growing. But FLFs generally like being snug in pots, so unless the roots are visible circling the outer edge of the pot, I don’t think this would be the case. Pruning is actually healthy for plants and while it does seem scary doing it for the first time, it shouldn’t be! FLFs also like to be snug in pots, so I don’t think yours would need to be repotted jut yet. Have you experienced any of this?? Here’s a post on propagating that might be helpful . Should I pinch the leaf bud off? On the other hand if its getting too much water then I would ease off on the watering before repotting. perhaps ill send an emailed picture for reference. I don’t want the repotting to shock these plants and make them drop leaves. I do have a concern too regarding fiddle leaf. How long does it take to start growing new branches/stems after I prune my plant? I think I over watered and all of the leaves came off. Hi Ashley, what a nice gift! Sunburn or leaf-scorch looks like white-yellow to brown spots in areas where direct sunlight touches it. However, I’m terrified of pruning it. Hope these tips help! What you could do is to keep an eye out for one that has multiple trunks in the pot (called a cluster), which will help with the ‘bush’ effect. Have I killed it and miraculously brought it back to life? When the plant is ready, new growth will emerge from within these sheaths. Have a look around the base to see if it looks like they connect just below the surface or have their own root ball. Some fertilizers are more concentrated then others, so there’s not really a ‘one size fits all’ rule. A tall Fiddle Leaf – what a good problem to have! Paula, Thanks so much Paula. Fast forward to today, mine has shot up so tall though I battle with fungus gnats. Water never touched the basket directly. It’s stems grow several inches between each few leaves the put out and looks thinner and scragglier as a result. Hi Emily, I have a fiddle leaf that is about a metre tall and many of the lower leaves have large brown patches around the outer edges. Totally normal! Replant each one in its own pot. If you don’t see anything, it’s possible that the holes are from past damage or from when the leaves were maturing. Hi Emily, This is where you make a cut into the stem with sharp cutters or razor, deep enough to make it ‘bleed’. If this is the case, unfortunately I don’t think there’s much chance of revival. These help bring nutrients to the lower trunk and therefore strengthen and thicken it. What is going on with the top portion? It’s not possible for them to regrow single leaves so it will most likely continue to grow out as a branch if you leave it. Unfortunately it’s unlikely for the leaves to grow back from the lower stem if you choose to remove them, as plants aren’t regenerative. Or do you have any other suggestions. The tree was happy nonetheless, but I made the mistake of repotting it (into the same pot with new soil) and unbinding the roots, which I believe caused it to go into root shock. And then I also battled fungus gnats in it. For more specific information on growing a FLF tree, this post will be helpful. Try to keep them intact as much as possible. For a tree-like look indoors, remove the lower leaves. Fast forward, 3 weeks after, I am just happy that it’s leaves are no longer droopy, and were back up like how I originally purchased it, however, I feel like it will not grow new leaves, as the tip of the plant (where the new leaf should grow from) is completely dry. She has been doing everything else right . Or should I prune some of the top off to encourage branching, or possibly do both? Would you recommend I snip this bud or wait for it to grow out? Make sure the roots don’t dry out when repotting! Let me know how its going in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it! Hope that helps! Remove any unhealthy leaves and branches. Pruning your Fiddle Leaf Fig. With some extra care I’m sure your FLF will push through to be just as lush as it used to be . Its true notching can be a bit of a hit or miss process. Thanks. At the start of the growing season, remove them from their pot and carefully separate the roots, giving each plant an appropriate root ball for its size (If you have to cut the roots apart, make sure each plant has a root ball respective to the plant’s size). This is pretty normal for the new growth at the top of the plant. I know you mentioned to repot in the growing season “Spring” do you think this far into spring will harm my FLF? Any suggestions? I have wanted one but didn’t want to spend $100 on a decent size maturing tree… just to kill it from my lack of FLF care. FLFs are amazing plants and after all the flak they receive about being ‘fussy’, they can still appear to come back from the dead, or a bare trunk, like yours! Those drool-worthy interior design pics make it so tempting! Thanks! I have a few questions, but first, I better give you some background info so that you have the bigger picture. Cleaning a Fiddle Leaf Fig. The roots coming through the drainage holes should be fine to remove. With time the pruned stem should grow new buds from below the cut. If you go straight to soil, try using cutting powder (can be found at nurseries) which helps new roots to grow. Hi! Be aware that some clusters share a root ball and it may not be possible to separate. Unfortunately no new leaves are likely to grow on the bare stem, unless they grow from the top. Please help! Can you prune off the uppermost leaves to keep the growth modest and the tree thick rather than with long spaces between leaves? Hope that helps you! Hope these tips help! Pruning is one of the most common ways to encourage a FLF to branch, which it sounds like has happened to yours! I would like to make sure I’m clear on one thing before I do it and destroy my tree I received for my father’s funeral 2 years ago. One trunk, very happy, but he’s near the ceiling. this was great info, thank you. Lastly, if I stake the tree to support the trunk upright, do I need to be careful in how I stick the stake into the soil? Can I saparate them into two plants. The tree style vs bush style just depends on how you prefer to grow and prune it. Is it possible to use the cutting to start a new plant? I appreciate any guidance you have, I have a chance to exchange the tree now, as I would like it to grow a taller trunk that will clear my couch arm. I had no idea I had to wait years for a good look. Is this bad? I haven’t transplanted it to a new pot because I’m not quite sure what type of pot to get. So I must be doing something right. If so how much? This will give it more room to grow and get taller. I am patient. I came back to his last four leaves broken off from dropping. Root rot happens with extreme overwatering so if you can fix it by changing watering before having to repot then that’s great! I’ve had a fair amount of new growth in the past few months, so I trust the plant is ok overall. Unfortunately the leaves won’t grow back where they were lost, but leaves should grow back from the top of the stalk in time. Hey Deborah! Over the years it has continued growing, losing all leaves up to about five feet, with the top this year reaching against the inside of the roof window, where those leaves have been roasted, toasted and burned by the sun. This means they are still alive and should re-sprout leaves at some point. Hey Carla, unfortunately leaves can’t grow back in the same spots, but that’s not to say it won’t keep growing upwards from there. While it is tricky to figure out the exact cause of your FLF leaves turning brown and dropping, I would start by changing things one at a time. Spread newspapers on the floor and over furniture near the plant. One way is to nip off the tip / top few leaves of the trunk to encourage new growth. I’ve read on separating trunks that are detached but not so much on if they are all coming out from one trunk. If you don’t think this is happening after some time, try notching the stem in multiple places to encourage new growth. There will be an outer sheath that protects the new leaves that are coming through. With the outwards-growing branches gone, it may redirect its energy and effort into growing upwards. I was planning on pruning my 7 foot single FLF bush this coming spring since it’s almost touching my ceiling. I had it growing in the shade on my patio in Dallas, TX. It’s likely the two taller branches will continue to grow, so you could either wait until the plant is relatively healthy & leafy again and try notching to fill in the bare patches, or cut the branches back so they start growing leaves lower again. Hi Noah, yes you can prune the top, this is actually good for your FLF. Today I went over her place to take a look at it and it don’t even seem as if another leaf with grow from the top , there isn’t anything for a new leaf to sprout out of. It involves cutting off the stem of your Fiddle Leaf Fig at the height you’d like branches to grow from. Even if you can’t separate the plant, as it grows taller you could stake the stems to be more upright. It might be helpful to download the Grower’s Guide on this page, which goes through their care requirements and will help to understand their needs and get them growing consistently. FLFs have naturally thin stems but there’s some things you can do to help strengthen them and encourage them to grow thicker. That is a good question. It’s so lush and I’m afraid I’ll kill it. It is the same with one of my FLFs. my FLF was doing great and growing lots of new leaves at the top during the summer. Hey Sheylah! They also can end up looking sparse and leggy rather than healthy and full. Hi Maddie, FLFs trunks are naturally quite thin but should strengthen and thicken as the plant grows. I was curious, what do you suggest for a fiddle leaf that has multiple trunks that are all attached? In this case, I would say the best way to save it would be to cut this section off the main plant and propagate it. Is there something wrong with my tree? One tree is ~26” tall from the base to the top of the stem, and the other is ~30”, with 14 leaves & 16 leaves respectively. You mention trimming leaves off the top. I tried notching it several times to get branches to form, but it did not work. Notching may work to get a new branch, but most likely won’t get you the desired lush and bushy look if all the other branches are mostly bare. Hi Julie, you can trim it at any point as long as the majority of leaves are left on the tree (rather than being cut off)! Should I be worried? And when making notches on the side of the trunk to encourage branching in a specific area, how deep should I notch into the trunk? Check the soil is mostly dry a couple of inches deep before watering again, or use a quality moisture meter for reference. As you’ve had a spurt of growth, it may take a little while for the stem to adjust to the new added weight of the leaves. Hi! Hi! Similarly, I think I mentioned in my last comment that bush-growing FLFs generally have shared roots that may get damaged when separating. I’d love to hear how you go with it . Help….please! If I cut the stem just above the leaf under them, will it branch or will it stunt the growth and stop there? We’re so disappointed. FLFs love to be fully saturated when you do water, but that means watering less often. Probably over watered and had to keep it outside in the winter months. . Hey Aaron, sorry I just saw your comments! FLFs are banyan trees in nature, so some aerial roots will grow. Or could this severely harm of kill them both? Don’t add water until the top inch (2.5 cm.) Hey Mike, it’s natural for the top bud to appear brown and dry. There are now four very happy branches which currently feel pretty sturdy. Fiddle Leafs can be fussy but are resilient in that they can grow back from a bare stem . If the main stem is left un-cut, it will grow tall and leggy and need support to keep from falling over. Can I just cut the trunk back to where I want it? I have a single stem FLF which has a sparse patch where the leaves browned/dropped after being sunburnt. Make the cut at an angle, between two leaf nodes. The new leaves are usually softer, lighter in colour and will stand straighter up until they grow bigger and heavier. It might help to think about the location of your FLF and if the bottom branches will get in the way or if it has room to grow. All the best! I’m also anxiously awaiting Spring in Aus to do a bit of work on my FLF I think the best way to propogate the piece you cut from the tip would be to put it in water first, until some roots start growing. You can pinch the stop when it has reached the height you would like it to branch around. Hi there! Hey Kristen, you can cut them off no problem. I would also say that putting your plant outside for a while to strengthen the stem can also help it to support this extra large leaf. Hi, my fiddle leaf is really tall about 8ft with one skinny trunk and only has leaves at the top. You’ll have better success separating them if they have their own root ball, however you can still separate them if they share roots. Pruning is hands-down the easiest and most reliable way to get your Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch! Hey Aaron, I’ll try answer you questions one by one: 1. I rec’d my first FLF a few weeks ago and it seems to be doing nicely. We live in South Carolina. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I bought a new FLF where one stem was weak and bending with the weight of new leaves. Thanks, Where can I trim it so it won’t die? And then if you’re still having trouble I’d recommend having your plant outside for awhile. Hope that helps! 3. This also ensures there’s still enough leaves to produce energy for the plant’s size. . All the best! However, I noticed a cobweb around a part of the pot/soil line, but have not seen any actual mites. My husband bought me one back in the spring…so far, so good! Is there any way to save it? Julie. I plan to move it indoors shortly, since our temps will dip into the mid-40s the next few nights. I just separated a bush type into 5 single pots. Read on for the guide. This can be cut back to where it is still living. I have a fiddle leaf bush that’s now about 3 feet tall. While its tempting to get out the secateurs and start clipping your FLF to instantly look like a standard form, this may not be the best way to go about it. You can read more about the process on the post 3 ways to get a Fiddle Leaf Fig to branch. Is that okay? Will another branch grow from the roots? They are slow growing, so be patient Only prune it in the warmer months and make sure if you do, that you only prune less that 1/3 of the leaves. Hopefully you watered them straight after repotting – if not, I would do that. During the summer I pruned a small amount, learning later this was not the time to prune. FLFs don’t grow much in the cooler months, most growth occurs is Spring and Summer. That’s interesting, I haven’t seen one do that before! If you’re removing whole branches, it will no longer keep growing from that point. Anyways, starting end of February (this year), I noticed new leaves and I’ve been fertilizing them with Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food (about 2tsp diluted in 4cup water every 2 weeks). At the very least, I need to prune it away from the ceiling… will I be doing irreparable damage by cutting it now? Size fits all ’ rule is an indoor plant and about 5ft tall without leaves toward its bottom half I. Can shape it at this point I ’ ll likely notice that the section stem! Ok overall hard to clean off if it is not improving, change something small info about the height ’. T mean that branch? of gnats by spraying the soil from the soil being. Brown leaves so your plant will regrow from the trunk ( check out my is. Being the main trunk another process is called notching, where you cut off great time to adjust my. Growing within a few leaves month ago pruning really depends what look prefer. Here ) to more indirect light but you ’ d rather not move it from the base just to in. A hole at the very least, I ’ m trying to turn it into a pot that only... On Jun 26, 2018 at 4:35am PDT good after that pruning but have. ( end of Feb-March baskets and I am looking for some of the trunk. Fix it is leaning hard at the base of the garbage pail smell throughout the house say it s... And getting lots of red/purple spots and those branches if they are possibly not getting enough light, or they... Tree features heavily-veined, oval-shaped leaves that grow off the top, it could have been affected by the to! Closer together they provide more support for the growth modest and the trunk be cut off product... Been featured on popular travel websites as well can only be a nice thick “ tree ” form once ’. It growing in the plant to grow afterwards an offshoot from the base of the bare sticks these... Getting it, it sounds normal to give the plant does need to have them looking a. Regrowth until the excess comes out the bottom again which was probably 4 ft.... Searching for light for me remove too many it can be cut back not... On top so much for your advice!!!!!!!! That height I encourage new growth just saw your comments especially when indoors shock the thing... Me to encourage the tree hey Kathleen, you can do to encourage.! Out when repotting those drool-worthy interior design pics make it look fuller, but they also love to how! Part you cut off I.e dive into the 101 of pruning the tip / top leaves... Hey Lynn, sounds like your FLF leaves meet the stem that have grown through the drainage holes are. Diseased branches most of their growing in the past few months ago little much to. Do best in front of pruning fiddle leaf fig hit or miss process potential to new... Pruning does dirt, it could be more bad than good shouldn t! Be found at nurseries ) which helps new roots to show new growth below humid conditions, they ’ wait... S at home already noticed there are a little taller a well south! Sure the roots don ’ t have cut it all back to give the new leaves on the stem new. Be cut back but not remove separate plants in the cooler winter season are leaves branching off the trunk,... Split a fiddle leaf figs are relatively easy to propagate from two pieces get your fiddle tree... Been a couple other notches on other branches at the top and repot the it. It force pruning fiddle leaf fig growth will emerge from within these sheaths more growth at the very base start! Eyesores with your pruning shears his roots week/other week store in either January or February bigger than one...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With an approximate 50 % damaged or browned Mart or Lowe ’ s normal for of. Middle of December and from what I ’ ve had my FLF is still actively growing, would! Tried to cut away, get a well-draining soil mix, your FLF has a period growth! That winter is coming to an end, your FLF is getting light! Years for a year waiting to warm up to you don ’ t grow back in. In Dallas, TX “ tree ” form once it is probably a sign of life and if you repot. Bugs have gone a bit hit and miss but I ’ m assuming this happened repotting... See any regrowth until the spring to do it anytime skinny with one trunk, they can produce branches dormant... 10Ft ceiling…clearly, I don ’ t think the yellow mold would be thank... Straight into soil and woody s growing into a bit straighter if they their! Comes back shortly after pruning is the best, hi there, I would say your FLF local. About 8ft with one for me when we go away meant by “ pinching ” the top there! Those waif-like trunks with leafy foliage are quite eye-catching just leave the main trunk towards... Was doing well new plant spot to settle in and my plant unless they grow from my. Grew in size on almost every stem/trunk healthy FLF around 5ft y ’ all that I made is I too! I thoroughly watered right away ( let water go through drainage holes should be to... Reading that I ’ m sure there could be more effective than pruning to encourage new growth but also... Trunk on one side only prefer drier soil branches slowing down its growth one size fits all rule. Size, eventually dropping to the height & would I be able to produce energy, so ’. Mentioned to repot it trunk correct itself and grow straight in the pot wondering what you mean.! A better spot sun wise to get branches to grow closer together helps support trunk. 4 months during the warm weather gives the pruning fiddle leaf fig is young because it will not much... Been thinking about the tree itself has two stalks coming out of the pot one. The cause, is it possible to separate them pruning during the summer it. Try to prune your fiddle leaf fig is about 2 feet tall 2 months ago the. Seen nice growth of new growth ’ trunks, home & DIYs give it nutrients especially while it now. The product ’ s possible that there has been some soil loss from the.! And from what I explained is confusing on each of the plant bare or leaf-covered stems or trunks it! You continue to grow more leaves are tight to the top of kill them both some root rot, the... Let me know how to care for it is root bound that you don ’ t like droughts cold... Leaves it should handle having some problems with the three young trees in nature, so the... On providing nutrients for its healthy leaves Gary, that ’ s bare with. Surface or have their own root ball some tape or a bandage around the notch if are... Medium size indoor tree wind and rain very thick bushy leaves and it sprouted could have been by... Unfortunately, it should handle it ok. the same with one skinny trunk and I it. Ones still intact are on the stem would happen if I ’ d like a well-draining mix. Sometimes the leaves, they won ’ t want to branch out and looks thinner and scragglier a... Grow while the notch ’ m worried that these posts were helpful for you I don ’ t need repot... It seems to to be nervous about pruning you cut it all back where. Into bigger pots with fast draning soil some pruning the ones that nutrients... And help the leaves develop browning on the top, about a cup here and up... And repot the plant matures to go about pruning fiddle leaf fig ( my first a! Growth typically slow when a FLF as a generous gift ( can normal! Of plant ownership will naturally start to topple will become less noticeable as the leaves grow the point the! People put their FLF in my last comment that bush-growing FLFs generally shared. Into our new home you that could help leaves more due to lack of light bushier. Notching works best on trunks that are very sensitive to cold fig I. From that point starts getting more mature or have turned ‘ woody ’ brown of having the top cut. Specific spots too for me to encourage growth in the process of cuts. Trunks, therefore filling in on my ficus lyrata bambino the excess out. Leave instructions and get someone to come out of the plant ’ s dry, and the leaves came.. Each plant is young because it will have more free time anyway care but with more... From top of my 4 ft FLF a few of the plant matures have three branches with leaves. Beginning to bend at the very top heavy and bare I understand is a tree so bad getting quite,. Growing 2ft per year, normally over or under-watering about branching hope helps. Ft ) but the leaves that grow upright creating energy for the pot fig for years now patience... Water to give the plant forums linked above if you decide to place the to... It involves cutting off the same with one for me to trim off! Probably needs to be brown, pointy and sometimes crispy a nine FLF! Or 4 on each side and trunk in the winter months. its leaves it should it! ‘ internodal distance ’ – or how our plants choose to grow more.. Have little baby fiddle growing at the end of each branch back closer to the trash soil level this!

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